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SH-11 - Focus On The Family -- Little Known Facts
Cutting Edge Ministries became concerned about the direction of Dr. Dobson and Focus On The Family when they published the terribly unBiblical Promise Keepers book. Further, Dr. Dobson went out of his way in the early days of Promise Keepers to promote the organization, even though the unBiblical roots of P.K. were well known and its Ecumenical ties were obvious. Dr. Cathy Burns documents her concerns about Focus On The Family going back many years. After reading this book, you will understand how Focus On The Family could issue a conditional authorization of the deeply Satanic Harry Potter books.
Price: $9.95

NOR-978-0-9796736-7-2 - The Death Penalty On Trial: Taking A Life For A Life Taken - Book by Dr. Ron Gleason, Ph.D
How would Jesus want us to vote on the matter of capital punishment? Opponents want us to believe He would have us oppose the death penalty under any circumstances, aiming their arguments at our emotions rather than our minds.

The Bible teaches us that there is a place for capital punishment. Rather than the Death Penalty denying man's dignity, it upholds it.

Dr. Gleason systematically examines the historical background, the objections, and the Scriptures to present a compelling argument that societies need to uphold the Biblical standard

132 pages

Price: $14.95

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