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CE-025 - CD - America, The Babylon: America's Destiny, Foretold In Biblical Prophecy - 2 Books On This CDROM This item is on sale.
As America nears judgment for her many sins, Christians are asking why she is not mentioned in prophecy. Mr. Coombes painstakingly examines Revelation 17 and 18 and relevant Old Testament texts to show that America is likely the nation destroyed in these judgments of God.

Cutting Edge has long taught that America is most certainly the Economic Babylon of Rev 18; but we have been surprised, as you certainly shall be, of Mr. Coombes' research concerning Revelation 17 being America.

Given the lateness of the prophetic hour, these two books are sadly needed. Volume 1 is a primary exposition of Revelation plus Old Testament texts, and is more exegetical and analytical in nature. Volume 2 reviews American history, showing our Founding Fathers as the true Illuminists they were, showing that our true national foundation was not Christian, defines the Illuminati, and takes you right up to this modern era to see how the global plan is working to its soon completion

Two books for reading on one CDROM, for only $24.99. Volume 1 is 225 pages, while Volume 2 is 388 pages long

Fully footnoted with many appendexes for further study

Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $4.99

CDW - Cutting Edge Entire Website on CD ROM updated through August 15 2013 This item is on sale.
The Headline News Analysis articles from the Cutting Edge Web site are available on CD Rom for reading offline.

    The following sections are included on the CD Rom.
  • Former Radio show transcripts
  • Thoroughly researched articles on Freemasonry, quoting from their own books!
  • Over 1,500 headline news analysis articles including the archives and CURRENT articles. NO PASSWORD REQUIRED
  • Exhaustive articles in What Saith Rome

    Harry Potter Section - analysis articles, bookstore resources - vidoes, books, audio cassettes

    Depleted Uranium Section -- analysis articles, bookstore videos

    Weather Control - Weather Warfare -- Analyis articles, , links to authoritative experts

    "Defending The KJV" Section

    "From A Pastor's Heart" Section

    Archives of all newsletters going back to June 2003.

Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $9.99

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