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NLP-15038 - The Last War - Compelling Book by Jim Fletcher - Close-Out, Quantities Limited To Stock On Hand This item is on sale.
Conflict in the Middle East has simmered and boiled for decades. Now, war and terrorism are global in scope. The Last War contains supremely relevant information for all concerned: • Why do Islamic radicals hate the West? • What is the radical Moslem’s world view? • Who are Osama bin Laden’s allies? • Who are the “Little Satan” and the “Great Satan”? • Are we being told the whole truth about our enemies?

Tragically, a decade of intense diplomacy and negotiation has given way to widespread violence: some analysts, aware of the real potential for catastrophic war in the region, openly wonder if this will all lead to a “last war” of sorts

You will be able to see clearly that the latest confrontations are a prelude to a devastating conclusion.

240 pages

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