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CE-BP-Black Pope Book On CDROM Plus 12 Other Investigative Books Written In The Latter 1800's - VATICAN ASSASSINS BOOK was based upon these 13 books!
VATICAN ASSASSINS Book was based upon these 13 books! The "Black Pope" was the major resource on which Vatican Assassins was based and is one of the hottest, most controversial books of the late 1800's. This book was so hot, son very controversial, that the Vatican forced its withdrawal shortly after it was published. This book reveals the hidden hand in the Vatican, that of the top Jesuit leader, always secretly referred to as the "Black Pope". This CDROM also contains 12 other books: 1) History of Romanism, Dowling, 1845; 2) History of the Jesuits, Nicolini, 1854; 3) Popery, Puseyism, and Jesuitism, Desanctis, 1905; 4) Engineer Corps of Hell, Sherman, 1883; 5) Secret Instructions of the Jesuits, Brownlee, 1857; 6) The Jesuits, Griesinger, 1903; 7) Footprints of the Jesuits, Thompson, 1894; 8) Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, Maria Monk, 1835; 9) Thrilling Mysteries of a Convent Revealed!, Peterson, 1835; 10) Jesuit Conspiracy: Secret Plan of the Order, Leone, 1848; 11) Crisis: Enemies of America Unmasked, Leone, 1848; 12) Romanism as a World Power, Kauffman, 1922. As the world races toward the unveiling of Antichrist and his False Prophet, we need to be as aware as possible of the true occult nature of the Roman Catholic Church.
Price: $24.99
CDW-Cutting Edge Entire Website on CD ROM updated through August 15 2013 This item is on sale.
The Headline News Analysis articles from the Cutting Edge Web site are available on CD Rom for reading offline.

    The following sections are included on the CD Rom.
  • Former Radio show transcripts
  • Thoroughly researched articles on Freemasonry, quoting from their own books!
  • Over 1,500 headline news analysis articles including the archives and CURRENT articles. NO PASSWORD REQUIRED
  • Exhaustive articles in What Saith Rome

    Harry Potter Section - analysis articles, bookstore resources - vidoes, books, audio cassettes

    Depleted Uranium Section -- analysis articles, bookstore videos

    Weather Control - Weather Warfare -- Analyis articles, , links to authoritative experts

    "Defending The KJV" Section

    "From A Pastor's Heart" Section

    Archives of all newsletters going back to June 2003.

Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $9.99
S1/2-Seminar #1 and #2 Combination. MP3 Format
Now both seminars 1 and 2 on one CDROM! MP3 Audio format for play on your computer as well as CD and DVD players that will play MP3 format. Once you understand the evidence and truth we share with you, you will never look at the news the same way again. You will understand how America has become the nation she is, and you will be able to see the direction in which we are heading. Save $5.00 off buying them separately.
Price: $19.99
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